Does ethic have any limit?

This topic is complex, What is admissible and what is not ? Should we cause suffering to someone if, thanks to him, they could improve their situation or achieve a common good? Should everything be allowed? The end justifies the means? What aspects should be taken into account at professional level to exercise correctly? What limits should not be crossed? Is ethics proper? These and other aspects allow to realize gatherings and deep debates in which to emphasize values ​​and beliefs.


  • Everything is allowed, the main aim is improve it doesn´t matter the limits you have to cross to achieve your goals. Nothing ventured, nothing gained
  • The principal characteristic that defines a professional worker is his ability to adapt himself to any situation he has to deal with. If we spend a lot of time thinking in what we should or shouldn´t do then we are never gone reach our purposes and in consequence we are never going to give our best.



  • Definitively there are limits, we are part of a society we are not animals and we should act as what we are.
  • A society without ethic value won´t  last,  lets be realistic, if we are that selfish then we are going to end up fighting each other.



Medicines, cosmetics and other elements must be tested before they can be marketed in order to check their effects. Traditionally, various animals have been used in the laboratory to verify these effects. Even if nowadays we have synthetic skins to test elements such as cosmetics, other living beings continue being used in experimentation and research. Is animal experimentation necessary? Is it carried out with ethics?


  • It is necesary to test any product that is going to be marketed, we cannot do it in humans, animals are the only way to sustitute ourselves, it is for safety reasons!
  • Animals are just animals!! They have no feelings at all!!! Nothing´s gonna happen if a couple of them disappear… Come on! You all defend animal´s freedom but if a disgusting rat appears next to you, you are the first one in killing it!!! Isn´t this the truth?? Am I not right?


  • This little creatures have no lawyers, we sholud protect them, it is our responsability, imagine you are the one living this situation!! Wouldn´t you like someone to defend you???
  • Poor tiny cutie things!!! Aren´t they sweet? Aren´t you conscious of being dresttoying your own planet?? What are the next generations gonna see?? There would be nothing at all… is this the world you´ll like them to live in? I guess not, or at least I hope so.

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Even more about death penalty… USA!

Going back to our first topic, death penalty…

We´ve talked about it but we´ve never mentioned where it´s legal today! Here there´s a list of the different  states where it´s working nowadays.

Number: 32 States that have the death penalty

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming





Euthanasia, is it the new way of murdering?

The right of a dignified death and assisted suicide. The fact that a person or their relatives can decide to die in certain circumstances that the person will not get out, such as irreversible coma or diseases that cause great pain and suffering. Its use to avoid the suffering of the patient, the ethics and or legitimacy of such practice, who should make the decision in case the patient cannot express their opinion? Should it be legal?


– The patient is not the only one that suffer it´s family also goes through the pain. Is the any reason why they should continue been racked? The euthanasia helps the relatives to accept their partner is finally gone so they can give him the appropriate farewell.

– Keeping the patient in vegetative state is a waste of time and money. In addition, the ones who have the right to choose if they should or not still alive. The State mustn’t be the one who tells you what to do or not. The freedom of every individual is essential.


– Euthanasia is just another way of murdering, Killing is illegal so why isn´t it the same case with assisted-suicide? The State has to regulate the situation because the patient is not able to.

– Lie is the most important thing ever, no one has the right to choose instead of you.  Even if you cannot make the decision, you are still a person, you are still being human, aren´t you? What if you certain day go back to life and you are able to continue with your existence? If someone has stolen your life, you would never know it, everything would have ended, everything.

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The death penalty, ethic or not?

The death penalty remains an application in many countries of the world. Some people think it is fair and some others consider it´s quite unmoral and just a way of revenge not useful at all. Should it be permitted? Is the application ethical? Why in some countries is legal and in others not? What happens if an innocent person is convicted?

– The death penalty can be the best way to protect our society from criminals, they mind will never change and they are always going to be a dangerous problem to deal with. If we want our citizens to be safe, there is no better option. In addition is a way of advising other lawbreakers not to commit such a terrible act.

– Imagine you are a mother of a little child, someone has killed his daddy and your lovely kid can´t stop crying. How would you explain him that the murderer who has taken away his father life is still alive? Would you be able to continue with your normal life while you know that the criminal is living under good conditions? And, what´s more, you are the one paying for his food, for him to have a place to be…


– Isn´t it enough to put him in prison and putting away everything he loves? Isn´t freedom the most precious thing ever? If you put the criminal in jail, then you are punishing him forever, but if you just kill him, then he would not suffer the consequences of his act.

-Even the crime you´ve committed is horrible you still have the right of life. No one can steal you that. Are we humans or just animals? If we kill them, then we will became the murderers.

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